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Free access to over 17,000 articles from The Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia. Cross-referenced with links to web sites and books.
Information Please
Search or browse a series of almanacs organized by subject areas plus the Columbia Encyclopedia and Random House College Dictionary.
Britannica Online
Seven day free trial offer to sample 32 volumes, 66,000 articles, and 4,000 images. Subscription required for permanent access.
Encarta Online
Sample a variety of subjects from the Explore topic archive, special reports and features, teacher resources, and a fast-paced knowledge game.
Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia
Fee-based forum for fast facts, up-to-date topics, term papers, with image library, plus sound and animation clips. Demo available.
Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia
Contains over 35,000 entries with pictures, maps, and sounds reflecting the curricula of American schools and universities. Free two-week offer.
Alt.Culture Encyclopedia
Represents itself as an encyclopedia of '90s youth culture spanning music, fashion, film, and the digital media.
Aromatherapy Encyclopedia
Index to oils and properties (grouped by body organ, beauty, and emotional recovery).
Atlapedia Online
Facts and data on geography, climate, people, religion, language, history, and economy on every country in the world.
Avicom's MEDguide
Searchable directory of an A-Z of medicine as well as medical products, medical schools, and a chat site.
Babylon 5 Encyclopedia
Background and explanations to episodes of this popular SF TV series with notes on characters and events. Includes spoilers.
Bed & Breakfast Encyclopedia
Descriptions of over 12,000 country inns and bed and breakfasts across the US and Canada. Notes inns of special historic interest nationwide.
CIA World Factbook
Details of the geographic, political, legal, and economic makeup of countries worldwide. With maps and references.
Catholic Encyclopedia
Online version of the 15 volume encyclopedia, published in 1913. Covers a range of topics from a Catholic perspective.
How Well Do You Know Your Trees?
Test your knowledge of trees by taking a little quiz on tree scientific names, tree folklore and trivia.
Compton's Encyclopedia Online
Free seven-day introduction to a wealth of articles, tables, maps, pictures, charts, and sounds. Published by Compton's Home Library.
Computer Virus Encyclopedia
The bible of computer viruses - details on how to recognize a particular virus and what it will do to your system. Download protection software.
Encarta Concise Encyclopedia
Searchable on-line encyclopedia.

Compiles links to live-on-the-Web, web-based events, and online services. Find a list of topics from agriculture to zoos.

Encyclopaedia of the Orient
Scroll through an A to Z of entries covering the countries of the Middle East. Audio pronunciation of people and place names.

Encyclopedia Mystica
Describes past and present ideas, concepts, beliefs, and practices in the worlds of the occult, mysticism, and the paranormal.
Encyclopedia Mythica
Covers mythology, folklore, and mysticism. Explore by topic or culture, or keyword search function.
Encyclopedia Smithsonian
Research guidance and FAQs to topics found at the Smithsonian Institution ranging from astronomy to zoology.
Encyclopedia of Cajun Culture
Coverage of food, music, history, and notable Cajun personalities. Everything from gumbo, Zydeco, and Tabasco.
Encyclopedia of Conspiracies
Nothing is too sacred - theories about corporations, religions, government, famous people, aliens, and more. Add your own entries to database.
Encyclopedia of Country Music/Dance
Database of songs and dances, reviews of past and current albums, hall of fame, new release calendar, and dance choreography.
Extrasolar Planets Encyclopedia
Catalog, bibliography, and reports on planets outside the earth's solar system. With tutorial on detection methods and info on meetings.
FAQ Finder
Search for Frequently Asked Questions by name or category. With links to around 1,800 FAQs.
Fairy Tale Encyclopedia
Search the contents by fairy tale such as Snow White, author, or a concept such as the "wicked stepmother."
Financial Encyclopedia
A to Z of concise international facts and explanations. Also features a dictionary of management and technology terms.
Free Internet Encyclopedia
Encyclopedic arrangement of links and original material useful for research, homework, and focused browsing. Plus a Help-Desk.
Search for particular illness using the keyword and phrase search facility. Contains health news, tips, health and travel info, and a quiz.
Herbal Encyclopedia
Interesting site with an alphabetical index of herbs. Features medical use, growing and storage advice, and references.
Home Improvement Encyclopedia
Become a jack-of-all-trades and a DIY dynamo with information on landscaping, plumbing, electrical, structures, and a dictionary of tools.
How Stuff Works
Basic explanations on how everyday objects and devices function. Covers technology, food, and the body.
HyperHistory Online
Click on the 3,000 year time-line to access relevant maps, biographies, and brief histories of people, places, and events.
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Developing online encyclopedia of philosophy, covering philosophers, terms, and systems of thought. Includes a collection of texts.
Internet Movie Database
Database of more than 119,000 movies. Helps you find reviews for almost any movie ever made plus roles, producer, director, and date.
Jones Telecomm. Encyclopedia
Overview of cybercrimes such as network break-ins, password sniffers, software piracy, child porn, and credit card fraud.
Knowledge Adventure Encyclopedia
Children's encyclopedia with subjects such as bugs, dinosaurs, space, and the United States. Useful as a homework helper.
Array of references to legal areas such as trade, consumer, constitution, and criminal law. Includes lexicon of legal words, terms, and phrases.
Overcome life's little challenges with the help of hundreds of tutorials. Everything from fixing a leaky faucet to curing a hangover.
Legal Encyclopedia
Legal personal injury information including the basics of making a claim, advice on handling your own claim and who is liable.
Letsfindout Kids' Encyclopedia
Find out about animals, science, sport, art, people, and places. Search the thousands of informative topics from Knowledge Adventure, Inc.
Medical Encyclopedia
Advice on health and medical needs that includes news headlines. Easy to use index helps find info on specific diseases quickly.
My Virtual Reference Desk
Well-structured guide to Internet news and reference facilities. Includes links to expert advice, homework helpers, weather pages, and sports.
Old Farmer's Almanac
Tide and sunrise tables, planting charts, recipes, a day in history, and the weather.
PC Webopaedia
Accurate, up-to-date information about computers. Enter a search term or browse through categories such as RAM, hardware, and multimedia.
Panic Encyclopedia
Subtitled the definitive guide to the postmodern scene. Critical theorist's ludic primer of contemporary culture's apocalyptic and ecstatic moods.
Phys Nutrition Encyclopedia
Browse or search for hundreds of entries on nutrients, additives, and more. From Vitamin A to fat substitutes, fluoride, and zinc.
Regulatory Fish Encyclopedia
Browse the index to images and data by market/common/scientific name or general species information. With tutorial and data preparation notes.
Relationship Encyclopedia
Searchable encyclopedia of love advice, advice column, and private counseling from relationship expert Dr. Tracy Cabot.
Explore subject categories, a directory of research project ideas, a writing centre with tips and techniques, discussion area, and chat room.
Rx-List Internet Drug Index
First stop for finding informative reports about almost any drug. Lists over 4,000 drugs and common side effects.
Shi'ite Encyclopedia
Original contributions with excerpts from Shi'i/Sunni documents. Subjects are classified into chapters such as the Quran, prophets, and prayer.
Skeptic's Dictionary, The
Over 325 skeptical definitions and essays on occult, paranormal, and pseudoscientific ideas and practices. From abracadabra to zombies.
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Entries are kept up to date by an expert or group of experts in the field and evaluated by an editorial board. With archives and "what's new."
Star Trek Encyclopedia
Want to know about the incarnations of the USS Enterprise or a brief history of warp drive? Initiate yourself into the trekkie subculture.
State Facts
Resource for finding out the basic facts about each US state. Includes motto, nickname, state emblem, song, and ranking.
Encyclopedia of over 2500 Western signs and ideograms arranged into 54 groups. Articles on their histories, uses, and meanings.
Searchable index of over 10,000 definitions of computer technology terms and concepts. Includes some graphics and illustrations.
Historical events, birth dates, holidays, religious observances, and history that occurred on any selected day in the year.
US Presidency Encyclopedia
Facts, commentary, and sound bytes of presidential speeches from Grolier's Online. Incudes complete results of presidential elections from 1789.
US States and Capitals Almanac
Hypertext-linked facts on fifty states featuring location, universities, populations, parks, motto, federal and state reps, and newspapers.
Web development for novices and experts featuring articles on authoring, business, design, and promotion. With free newsletter and tools.
World Book
Collection of reports, special focus stories, and articles gathered from the World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia and other World Book products.
World Encyclopedia
Anthems, flags, and maps to the nations of the world. Each nation is described by economy, government, defense, geography, and people.
World Rulers
Comprehensive listing of past and present heads of state and governments worldwide.
World Wine Encyclopedia
Maps of wine producing regions and information about the characteristics and wines of each individual region. Includes a list of wine producers.
Encyclopedia Britannica's Internet guide offers site reviews to over 140 categories from art and literature to world geography and culture.